In this episode we track Jeffrey Epstein to the dark rivers of Transylvania. Having manifested as a Vampire we do battle with ‘Vampstein’ in the dark halls of Poenari Castle aka. Dracula’s Castle. Will we survive our greatest challenge or become his un-dead disciples? Undoubtedly the former…

In between battling Nosferatu we discuss the ongoing coalition negotiations between Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party and the role of Billionaire Psychopaths…sorry, billionaire philanthropy. Force of habit!

Listen to the full Anomie podcast list here and let us know any topics you would like us to discuss.

Posted by:anomiezine Anomie: noun ˈa-nə-mē Social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values; also : personal unrest, alienation, and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose or ideals. According to French sociologist Émile Durkheim, Anomie occurs when the surrounding society has undergone significant changes in its economic fortunes, whether for better or for worse and, more generally, when there is a significant discrepancy between the ideological theories and values commonly professed and what was actually achievable in everyday life.We believe that we live in an neo-liberal and nihilist epoch and that by spreading the ideas of Libertarian-Socialism through our zine and Podcast we can do our bit to challenge the politics of greed and despair. We also hope to challenge Anarchism’s sacred cows and in so doing rejuvenate Anarchist thought that became constipated in the 20th century.

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